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Simulators for Sale

10 Doron Simulators For Sale

All unit are in great condition and have been well maintained.

There are 8 Doron SR2 Simulators, all have computer upgrade with 30 different rides plus one extra simulator for parts and 2 Doron SRV simulators.
Lot of extra parts, entire business $290,000 OBO .

Can sell them individually as well, $35,000 -$50,000 each. (Depending on which model)

Simulators are located in Farmington, New Mexico.
Can deliver, set up, train for an additional fee.

These would be a great addition to a family fun center, theme park or rental company.

- 30 different rides (See List below)
- Run off HD projector
- MDS operating system (Just click and pick the ride)
- NO Royalty fees on the rides

List of Ride Experiences:
1. Mars Express
2. Saddle Rash
3. Paradise Coaster
4. El Diablo
5. Return of El Diablo
6. Devil’s Mine Ride
7. Ghost Mine
8. Jack the Ripper
9. Astro Canyon Coaster
10. Volcano Run
11. Caribbean Coaster
12. Ali Baba’s Mine Ride
13. Kid Coaster
14. Glacier Run
15. Need 4 Speed Most Wanted
16. Need 4 Speed
17. World Class Racing
18. Hot Wheels
19. Street Racer
20. Astro Cops
21. South Pole Race
22. Nascar
23. New Nascar
24. Nascar 09
25. Dirt
26. High Octane
27. Ace Combat
28. Raptor Canyon
29. Jack the Ripper
30. South Pole

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